Friday, January 7, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA takes to the air tomorrow from New York City

ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA takes to the air tomorrow from New York City with the pilot episode going live at 4:00PM EST.

Unlike any other radio talk show, ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA focuses solely on African tourism. Over the course of the season, listeners will learn how to get there, where to go, when to go, how to get around, what to pack and much more.

Hosted by 2AFRIKA, INC.’s founder & president Kenneth R. Hieber ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA features a lineup of distinguished guests whose intimate knowledge on Africa stems from their African nativity. Hieber and his guests help you organize your African travel arrangements without you having to spend hours researching web sites, reading 100’s of guidebooks, or trying to do it yourself, hoping you have invested your hard-earned dollars wisely.

Visit ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA (the official web site), the ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA section on the 2AFRIKA website for current and upcoming schedules and topics as well as the official ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA 'station' on BLOGTALKRADIO, to learn more!

Have questions you need answered? Simply call us on 1-619-639-4749 during the second segment of the broadcast and talk to the experts!

Listen to ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA and 'plan to save'.

This weeks line up includes introductions to South Africa. Listeners are introduced to extraordinary talent from Africa with the smooth sensual sounds of recording artist Natalie Gamsu. Ed Ewert introduces photographic lessons each Tuesday from 'Behind the Lens' at the top of the second segment and Marion Valderrama brings you the 'Flavor of the Week' at the top of the first segment each Thursday.

This and much more from the nations foremost travel authority on African tourism.