Friday, January 4, 2008

2AFRIKA Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber with an update monitoring Kenya

January 04, 2008

Dear Friend of 2AFRIKA – Happy New Year to you and yours. As you are probably aware, I am currently in Africa scouting around for the next best ‘destination’ having just enjoyed the most splendid Holiday Season with my family.

It saddens me to learn of the unnecessary strife currently taking place in Kenya – such a shame when people cannot live alongside each other in harmony. Particularly since my late 2007 visit to the Kingdom of Lesotho was such a ‘simple’ delight.

Please know that during our 13-years operating in the United States, our paramount consideration has always been and always will remain your ‘safety’ whilst on Safari with us.

To that (continuing) end, I would like you to rest assured that at this time, we are monitoring the unfortunate situation and will NOT (permit me to repeat) NOT put any one of our very valued passengers in harm’s way under any circumstances what so ever.

As I am currently in Africa, I will be making a side-trip to Kenya prior to returning to the United States where I will arrive on 1/14 at which time I will update you on the situation as I see it and where adjustments to itineraries need to be made, so will it be done. No one will be put in harm’s way and no one will loose – we will negotiate with the airlines and the lodges to ensure that everyone who has paid in full for a safari will always have a credit to use with us in the future toward another Safari of the same equal value.

Moving forward, I see no immediate need for concern but assure you that I will be personally monitoring the situation and will keep you apprised of my decisions concerning your safety!

During this period, thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.

Kenneth R. Hieber

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