Sunday, April 6, 2008

‘On Assignment in Africa’ – an update from the Original 2AFRIKA, INC.’s Director of Operations, Dominik M. Zakrzewski


It’s day three in South Africa for me and I’m still a little iffy with the time zone. Today I’m flying Business Class on Nationwide Airlines from Nelspruit (Kruger Mpumalanga) to Cape Town International via Johannesburg. I’ve been doing a lot of flying while in South Africa and I think this is the best way to go when one wants to see the whole country. I’ve been moving around every day since I’ve arrived so it’s good that from today (Wednesday) until Sunday I’ll be in one place (Cape Town).

In Cape Town I’ll be staying at the Table Bay Hotel, right on the V&A Waterfront and then will move over to the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice (formerly known as Protea Hotel Extreme) on Long Street which is in a very hip part of town. This is a little treat to myself where I don’t plan to do any site inspections at all… actually I’m lying because after meeting with the owner of Perry’s Bridge Hollow and the Hippo Hollow in Hazyview he suggested I see two of his other properties in the Mother City - Cape Town Hollow and Hollow on the Square.

I was supposed to fly to do two other site inspections today but it’s been overcast this morning in Hazyview, hence the name, so I drove into the Kruger National Park instead. The best way to go game viewing in Kruger National Park is very early in the morning or late afternoon early evening. I wasn’t going there for the game experience but rather to refresh myself on the feel of the park. It was a very scenic drive.

On the way to the airport in Nelspruit my friend and I drove past a few shanty towns and it really reminded just how sheltered I’ve lived. The houses ranged from shacks to pretty nice, suburban styled homes. The people there were all nicely dressed so it wasn’t like they were sitting and begging on the street. It’s mostly a rural, farming community very reminiscent of rural America. I could’ve been in Mpumalanga or in Nowhere Town, USA. I was thinking about the economic status of these people and it really is more of an issue that my needs were shaped differently than theirs. If you’ve never had McDonald’s would you be born with a craving for it?

As is customary here at the Original 2AFRIKA, INC., we are always on the look-out for new and innovative Safari products for our valued passengers – and usually, we time these ‘on-site’ inspections to coincide with visits to properties that are already featured in our Safari Collection to be sure that the standard of requirements that we set have enhanced themselves to suit our Collection but most importantly, our passengers.

Each day (or at least each day that he is internet accessible), Zakrzewski will be writing his evaluation reports on the day’s activities, emailing them to me, and I will be posting them. The title of this Blog will be ‘On Assignment in Africa’ – an update from the original 2AFRIKA, INC.’s Director of Operations, Dominik M. Zakrzewski.

I do hope that you will follow the trail and enjoy the newfound information that Zakrzewski has to share on a regular basis.

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