Tuesday, September 9, 2008

THE GREATEST SAFARI SALE ON EARTH – a message from 2AFRIKA’s Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber


The Media Reports that KENYA is coming back rapidly! Two prominent publications headline KENYA’S BACK - Rewarding Eco-Tourism & AFRICA’S COMEBACK COUNTRY!

In keeping with its uncompromising commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism 2AFRIKA’s Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber announced today in New York City that come Monday September 15th, 2008, his company will launch THE GREATEST SAFARI SALE ON EARTH.

“Anyone planning to take an African Safari in 2009 should register for a complimentary no obligation telephone conference with me” said Hieber from 2AFRIKA’s World Headquarters, “for I will be hosting several episodes of Another Country through My Eyes, 2AFRIKA’S exclusive teleconference which brings listeners up-to-the-minute information on Africa. Additionally, ALL SCHEDULED 2AFRIKA Safaris’ in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana (including the Okavango Delta) and Zambia will go on sale for a limited time allowing travelers to make their reservations and pay for them before the introduction of the 2009 prices” said Hieber.

2AFRIKA, INC. has become internationally renowned for ‘Keeping Africa Affordable’ and Hieber intends keeping it that way. He said, “Since I relocated to the United States back in mid-1995, I have been solely focused on keeping my continent affordable and with THE GREATEST SAFARI SALE ON EARTH ready for launching, I promise to reveal even more savings to my valued passengers”.

Hieber’s unfaltering mission and his company’s uncompromising commitment to its passengers have kept 2AFRIKA firmly in the sites of the ‘travelers-in-the-know’ and that, he adds, will not change.

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2AFRIKA, INC. remains committed to Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism.