Wednesday, December 9, 2009


DECEMBER 09, 2009

Whether you are a diehard fan like me or not, an evening with Pink Martini will change your point of view!

Tomorrow night, December 10th, 2009, Pink Martini performs their newly released album SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS at The Town Hall in New York City at 9:00PM and you should be there!

Pink Martini is a "little orchestra" from Portland, Oregon, formed in 1994 by pianist Thomas M. Lauderdale. They blend genres of music such as Latin, lounge, classical, and jazz. Their music has often been described as "vintage music”, a description which reflects the content, style and period that inspires many of their songs. Bandleader, Thomas Lauderdale describes the band's sound as "music of the world without being world music. It's kind of like urban symphonic crossed with Cuban/Brazilian street Carnival parade, Breakfast at Tiffany's/United Nations kind of thing. The goal was to create the kind of records with which one would hopefully never grow tired of. Records that could be played whether you were sad or gleeful. Cleaning, vacuuming around the house, or seducing somebody's grandmother."

No 'hopes' from this fan . . . I already know that I am in for an incredible evening – Pink Martini delivers that which they promise . . . I have never grown tired of them nor will I – and you won't either! Thomas Lauderdale is an entertainer 'extraordinaire' and the 'chemistry' between himself, the "little orchestra" and lead vocalist the incredible Ms. China Forbes makes for an evening of sheer delight!

So put your December 10th plans on hold – make every excuse in the book that you need to – and get on over to The Town Hall New York for a 'Vintage' evening you will long remember.

Pink Martini’s albums Sympathique (1997), Hang on Little Tomato (2004) Hey Eugene! (2007) and Splendor in the Grass (2009) are available from, instantly from iTunes, of from The Pink Martini Store! Get them – you’ll be very pleased you did!

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