Wednesday, February 10, 2010



With heightened security regulations now fully enforced by the TSA, it is important that we collect all pertinent data from our valued passengers to ensure a smooth and trouble-free journey.

At a suitable time, we request that you kindly email us a high-resolution scanned copy of the PERSONAL PAGES of your valid passport to enable us to provide the airlines with the information that they require. The primary information would be the accuracy of your names, your title, your valid passport number, date of issue & expiration, as well as your full date of birth.

We also need to receive your FULL residential address information as well as every possible telephone number and email address to update our files in the event of us having to reach you.

If you are unable to scan your passport, you can take a digital photograph of the required information and email it to us that way – and if all else fails, you can photocopy your passport in high resolution and fax it to our secure fax line on 1-212-385-9777. Again, please be reminded that no airline tickets can be issued without this required mandatory information – your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You should also take a moment to make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6-months AFTER your intended return home to the United States and that you have at least 2 consecutive blank pages in your passport for issuing a visa to visit the Republic of South Africa. If you do not have 2 consecutive blank pages, South African Immigration Authorities reserve the right to deport you immediately. NOTE – the Republic of Kenya has implemented the same rule at this time and is it highly probable that Tanzania and other East African countries will soon follow – in summary, the more consecutive blank pages you have in your passport, the better!

We take your travel arrangements very seriously and strive to provide you with a trouble free journey – please assist us by complying with this request at a suitable time. If you have already provided us with this information, kindly disregard this BLOG/EMAIL notification!

2AFRIKA, INC. is fully committed to your Satisfaction, Security, and Safety at all times, and is actively involved in 'Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism'