Sunday, July 18, 2010


Join us and millions of others around the world as we celebrate MANDELA DAY 2010

I am honored to have lived my life at the same time as Madiba! I am honored to be learning lessons from a living legend and not from an historical account. I am humbled to have had the pleasure of meeting Madiba on several occasions throughout my life, the first time even before his presidency.

I am grateful that 'my' life path has been illuminated by the simple yet profound lessons and teachings of this extraordinarily wise man.

Today being his birthday, my personal wish for Madiba is a year filled with comfort, joy, and a gentle amber glow of love and peace - that which he has bestowed upon us all!

Thank you seems so little Mr. President, but it comes from a heart filled with inspiration, admiration, and an unwavering respect.

Kenneth Hieber