Thursday, June 16, 2011

ELYSIUM - Giorgia Fumanti and Kenneth Hieber

 is a state of mind, a feeling somewhere between happiness and bliss. It is our natural state of mind and what Giorgia Fumanti feels when she sings. In this episode of One Voice From Africa, internationally acclaimed Tuscan-born soprano and Kenneth Hieber talk about ELYSIUM, Fumanti’s latest studio album.

Hieber talks with Fumanti about 'the shy girl' from the medieval village of Fivizzano in Tuscany her evolution to performing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics to an audience of 700 million.

Currently available only in Canada, ELYSIUM will be an internationally acclaimed worldwide sensation. Fumanti talks from the heart as she and Hieber take you on a 'musical journey'!

But sharing, caring, loving, and faith is what shines through in this 'spectacular' episode of  One Voice From Africa! Be swept away as word and music intertwine. 
Luciano Pavarotti and Mario Frangoulis perform duets with Fumanti; this episode is one of life’s moments when souls collide, connect and 'hearts speak'!