Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Kenya Report

Twenty years ago, when I traveled to another country for the first time with my own money I knew traveling would be my passion for the rest of my life. Now, feeling I had been almost everywhere in my bucket list, I knew it was time to go to Africa, the place I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind knowing I could not do it all by myself and still feel comfortable about it.

hen I found you and your company, and as you know now, I fully trusted your advice, opinion, and ideas. Then I trusted the people you collaborate with in Kenya and as you said, I never had to worry again. Very strange feeling the first time!

our people took care of me and my wife from the time we arrived, Jonathan and Popo made me feel at home minutes from our arrival. Our first Hotel was what we expected, simple but welcoming. Despite Nairobi’s reputation in the western world, I felt safer than in my own country while Popo made sure every new thing we were seeing was not only fully explained, but fun.

hort and long drives were bumpy but interesting, food at Mount Kenya was great, accommodations and game viewing at Samburu was an impressive first taste of what was waiting for us, while personnel at Lion Hill reserve was the highlight. Lake Nakuru offered so many beautiful pictures it was hard to keep up, everywhere we were seeing more than expected at such a close range that picking the best shot is just impossible. At this point Popo knew what we were looking for and at all times he suggested the best placement, was great at answering all our questions and very accommodating when we wanted to stay a little bit longer on certain areas.

he Masai Mara is definitively the jewel of the itinerary, despite not going during the main migrating month, I feel I saw more than I could have imagine. Everything felt fresh, natural, not mass-produced as you promise on your mission statement. Our driver was extremely respectful of nature while giving us every opportunity to enjoy species of animals and birds we didn’t know existed.

he balloon flight is a story on its own, something that should not be missed and we are glad we did it. Popo had arranged for a drive to the Masai river and I’m glad he did; as usual, the attention to detail is worth more than what you charged us for the trip.

hen traveling I always look for the best value for my experience, this time, I got so much that I want to thank you once again. I can see how you personally crafted these experiences, and I know you’ll continue to do so when my friends decide to travel to Africa and call you.

 wish your company offered tours to other counties. I still have the Galapagos, the Peruvian Amazon, the Antarctic, Indonesia & New Guinean islands, as well as French Polynesian islands I’d like to go. If you can recommend someone like you that could help me with them, I’ll certainly appreciate your referrals. Hope you can send me some names to get ready for next year.

gain, thanks Ken for your personalized attention, for taking my calls and for making sure this trip would be unforgettable for my wife and me. Our pictures and my memories will join me forever.