Saturday, October 8, 2011

Katerina Polemi – ‘Spread the music AND the name’

This young woman is ‘big’!

In a previous episode of One Voice From Africa with Katerina, I mentioned that in size she is a ‘small woman’ and yet, when she walks into a venue, ‘she is not big – she is enormous’. I stick to that.

Last night at Café Vivaldi in the West Village of New York City, Polemi performed. I had arrived an hour earlier to enjoy a light meal and be ready for Katerina’s 8:30PM performance. The room, while cozy with the fireplace ablaze, was sparse. There were ten patrons at best!

Minutes before Polemi’s ‘session’, as if by invitation, the room filled with enthusiastic patrons eagerly awaiting her arrival. When she did, her enormous effervescent presence filled the remaining space.

Ever the masterful performer knowing exactly how she wanted her performance to play out, Polemi handed out last minute notes and instructions to her band, and then, it was show time!

Katerina is charming, warm, endearing, and BIG in spirit. She opened with “Hat’s relate to the wind,” followed immediately by “If you don’t, I don’t mind,” both her own compositions from the album “Spread the music – not the name.”

I heard her perform “Mona Lisa” for the first time. Delivered with such power, a magnificent arrangement, and yet, with her Brazilian undertones … BIG and yet so sweet and gentle with brilliant accompaniment. The crown went wild! Then another – ‘Sing’ performed in a soothing ‘jazzy’ way which she ended with “Just sing, sing your song.”

Her parents were in the audience and yesterday being her mother’s birthday, we all joined in singing Happy Birthday and the show continued.  

The applause was deafening and the audience, delighted!

Polemi wants her audience to “Spread the music – not the name” but this diehard fan requests that you “Spread the music AND the name” for this remarkable young woman is indeed destined for greatness! It is my unbiased opinion that soon, Polemi will be playing to sold out venues in New York City and beyond so SPREAD THE MUSIC AND THE NAME and keep watching the media for upcoming performances of which there will be many in the very near future.

Katerina’s music is available at, the Apple iTunes store and her official website Get It!