Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mariette Davina comes to One Voice

Wise beyond her years, Mariette Davina brings with her an effervescent personality, a great sense of humor, her personal beliefs, and of course, her simply stunning voice to One Voice. Calling in from London this evening, Mariette shares with One Voice host Kenneth Hieber stories of her life, her passion for music, and her unwavering spiritual strength.

Her music is available in the Apple iTunes store and this episode of One Voice will be available in the Apple iTunes store (under Mariette Davina / Kenneth Hieber / One Voice From Africa) within 90-minutes of show time this evening. Also, this episode is available On Demand simply by clicking here, once we have aired.

Coming soon to One Voice, Kenneth Hieber is pleased to welcome Jon Secada, Felipe Rose – the Native American performer from The Village People, and the soulful Oleta Adams. Stay tuned for more details.