Tuesday, December 11, 2007


December 11, 2007

New York, NY

At a Press Conference in New York City today, 2AFRIKA INC, Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber announced that his company was undergoing an obvious ‘change’. ‘Since its incorporation in November 1994’, Hieber told the media, ‘Supposed Travel Professionals have tried to clone 2AFRIKA’s Business Model unsuccessfully and have lead the American traveler astray with a word play on the 2, the K, the 4, the C etc. and effective immediately, 2AFRIKA, INC. will be referred to as THE ORIGINAL 2AFRIKA – the one Company that has kept Africa affordable for 13-years’.

Amidst a thunderous applause, Hieber unveiled the BEAUTY & MYSTERY OF AFRICA in its new format boldly striding territory where others fear to tread by announcing daily departures from the United States. ‘Whilst we will still operate one scheduled departure per month for the less adventurous traveler, we’ve structured this Safari to operate daily for couples, small groups, families etc.’, he said.

Hieber believes that the era of setting standard departures has passed. In our ever evolving world where travelers have limited time, Hieber believes that his home should be available when it suits the traveler and not the schedule.

With pride, the ORIGINAL 2AFRIKA, INC. launched the BEAUTY & MYSTERY OF AFRICA Safari at an astonishing starting price of only $2,745 per person including air from the U.S. ‘Keep your eyes and ears open,’ said Hieber ‘for this is merely the beginning. Soon you’ll come to understand the true essence of the ORIGINAL 2AFRIKA, INC.’ at which point, the Press Conference which was held in the Corporations generously appointed Conference Center drew to a close.

If you would like to comment on this Blog Post, please communicate directly with the ORIGINAL 2AFRIKA Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber, electronically via kenneth@2afrika.com