Monday, March 3, 2008

TANZANIA RENEWS YELLOW FEVER REGULATION – an announcement from the Original 2AFRIKA, INC. Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber

Monday, March 03rd, 2008

The Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has reinstated health surveillance desks to check for yellow fever certificates at all of the country border posts and international airports.

Visitors arriving from countries at risk of being infected by yellow fever are required to produce a valid certificate including passengers transiting through Kenya, even if they don’t leave Jomo Kenyatta Airport, and those entering by road at Namanga border.

A senior health official said passengers arriving directly from countries not at risk from yellow fever were not “technically required to have the yellow fever vaccination, however because Tanzania is considered an endemic area, for their own safety they are strongly advised to get it”.

The official said eventually all passengers entering Tanzania would be required to have the vaccination, regardless of their routing.

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