Monday, May 19, 2008

Kenneth’s Answers: In response to an inquirer, 2AFRIKA's Founder & President offers sound advise: Great North Road

MONDAY, MAY 19TH, 2008

Good evening to you Madam and thank you ever so much for Contacting Us!

Your question – ‘On The Great North Road. Could we end in Arusha and skip Cairo? Is airfare separate and how much of a deposit do you require? Last question is October a good time to go and how many people are on the tour?’ – refers.

Let me answer these for you in an appropriate order.

Firstly – ‘Could we end in Arusha and skip Cairo’

Absolutely, yes! The Great North Road is an epic journey with your best interest in mind and you are free to custom design it to suit you. I have placed this product in such a way that you can make it your own intimate experience every step of the way – all we have to do is keep moving in a geographical manner that makes sense and gets you to where you need to be on the appropriate days. For the rest, we can do whatever you desire. I like to see The Great North Road as a sort of ‘hop-on-hop-off’ journey spanning Africa.

Is airfare separate and how much deposit do you require?

The airfare is separate and once I know what you departure date will be, I will calculate the airfare per sector for you with service originating and terminating from your closest gateway city. With the newly implemented airline rules & regulations, we are obliged to calculate the airline portion separately from the land portion for the taxes as imposed by the airlines lately fluctuate almost daily. Once we have a reservation in the works for you, we start with reserving all of the components which make up your journey. Then we reserve the flight arrangements. Once all of the land and air components are completely and accurately confirmed, we present you with the cost showing you the airline cost and the land arrangements cost. The moment you agree that you are pleased with the price as I am sure you will for we constantly strive to Keep Africa Affordable, we require a $500.00 per person holding deposit to keep your land arrangements in place and we require the full payment for the airline tickets which are issued immediately and made available to you as a binding contract between you the passenger, and the airline companies used.

The balance of your payment is due in full 90-days prior to your departure date.

Last question is October a good time to go and how many people are on the tour?

Going south and east for the first portion of The Great North Road as you intend to, October is a perfect time to take the journey. South Africa is in the middle of Spring and everywhere you look new life is being created. In Namibia the extreme temperatures are not yet anticipated whilst further north in the Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park areas the rains will probably have started and the voluminous sheets of water cascading over the Victoria Falls will not disappoint – at the same time, there is not sufficient rainfall to prevent the large herds of elephant for which Chobe National Park is justly world-renowned from coming to the banks of the Chobe River to drink – in east Africa, you are ahead of the short rainfall season and you stand a very good chance of seeing the very tail end of the Great Migration leaving the Serengeti plains into the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya. From my point of view, October is a prime month to personalize The Great North Road.

As for numbers of passengers on any one particular departure, it is difficult to day. Here at 2AFRIKA we are extremely flexible with our arrangements and we blend several components together to create the end result. There might be times that you are with 10 – 15 other passengers and then on another sector, you might be just one couple with your local English-speaking Driver/Guide. The one rule that we are adamant about is that when you are on Safari in East Africa, you are never with more than a total of 6 passengers in a Safari vehicle. In keeping to this standard, we assure all of our valued passengers a window seat and access to the pop-top roof hatch for optimal game viewing.

I do hope that I have managed to adequately answer all of your questions to enable you to make an informed decision to join The Great North Road. If there is anything more that I can assist you with at this time, please do not hesitate to communicate with me immediately in the sound knowledge that I assure you in advance of my very best and personal attention at all times.

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