Monday, May 19, 2008

Kenneth’s Answers: In response to an inquirer, 2AFRIKA's Founder & President offers sound advise: Egypt

MONDAY, MAY 19TH, 2008

We are thinking we would like to see Abu Simbel as long as we are there. Our feeling is that we might as well see everythign we can. Not sure about Dendara and Abydos. Are they truly worth the additional $120?

Truthfully Madam, I would not be happy if you did not see Abu Simbel . . . it is a 100% MUST! Additionally (and I am NOT a Sound & Light fan) you HAVE TO take in the Sound & Light Show at the Temple of Karnak! The other two, delete and erase immediately! They are not worth the effort and frankly, by the time you are done with the cruise and marveled at the spectacle of Abu Simbel, you will be ‘templed out’ for every pales in comparison to Abu Simbel and the majestic antiquities in Luxor. I absolutely agree that you drop the idea of Dendara and Abydos but in the same tone, I insist that you see these which I have recommended. Egypt is a masterpiece unquestionably but like I say when one takes a safari . . . there will come a time when you have had ‘enough’ and one more antiquity, you’ll wish that they could mummify you!

Saving the best for last with Petra in your itinerary is also an incredible highlight and I would honestly say that adding Abu Simbel and the Sound & Light Show is Karnak will absolutely enhance your journey and leave you fulfilled – and not have you feel that you have missed out on anything.

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