Monday, October 27, 2008

IN THEIR OWN WORDS – Just back from southern Africa



I was very pleased with my trip to Botswana and South Africa in spite of a terrible allergy infection (not within your control).

All of the facilities were very good to excellent. The S.A. Safari Club is like an Oasis (excellent). Godfrey the driver is wonderful - they have a jewel in him and Chobe Safari Lodge was wonderful (excellent accommodation and great service). The Protea Hotel Kruger Gate was good (service indifferent and food not as good as Chobe Safari Lodge or The S.A. Safari Club). You could tell a huge difference in service level - Botswana much more attentive without bothering you. The Protea Hotel Kruger Gate - either not interested or not well trained. This comment goes for the hotel staff and more so the wait staff. The side trip to the Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side was wonderful.

One suggestion is to let people know to pack some extra clothes in their carry on for the flight from Johannesburg to the Victoria Falls since Zimbabweans ship a lot of cargo resulting in very little luggage getting loaded onto the aircraft (say 30 pieces only) no matter when you check in. For my first game drive in a life time we saw a young lion then we saw a leopard in a bare tree who came down while we were watching. We also so a young lioness go hunting for dinner one night - no luck for her. Great luck for us. The Chobe Safari Lodge Activity Center easily substituted game drives for river cruises - they were great - game viewing was so good we even chose not to go to Namibia. Game drivers in Chobe all great.

I would highly recommend not using Harold as a guide. No one that shared our game drives was impressed with him. He was dubbed the race driver of Kruger. Not that he sped - he decided he knew best and not concerned with what his customers wanted pictures of. Harold the game driver is not customer oriented. Harold at Kruger was like on a race track - you will see better - not one for staying around and seeing what might happen in the area when know "x" is in the area. He might even be a little prestigious against giraffe's and zebra's.

On our last game drive we were very lucky and saw all 5 of the ‘Big Five’ long before the end of the game drive. First we saw 3 leopards on the ground - 2 going toward the third one. Then we saw a white rhino on the road coming toward us. Later we saw one lion in the foreground with a lion, lioness and cubs in the background.

Overall I would highly recommend 2AFRIKA to anyone wanting to travel to Africa!

Thank you again for a delightful trip and a wonderful experience.

Do you do trips into Namibia?

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