Monday, January 19, 2009

IN THEIR OWN WORDS – Just back from Kenya & Tanzania – a report back from 2AFRIKA’s valued passengers


Jambo! Mr. Hieber,

I too am missing the warm days we enjoyed under the African sun. It is below zero tonight here at Notre Dame. We had a truly wonderful beach vacation and Safari. The people, places and amazing experience of the game we viewed on our safari will long be remembered.

You can imagine our surprise in Mombasa at the airport when we were identified by a big sign saying, "Ken's Group." We immediately renamed ourselves "Ken's Girls" much to the delight of all the meeters/greeters we met along the way.

The ticket issues resolved nicely and I have already applied for a refund on the extra flight I had purchased in case we would have to fly to Mombasa to begin our trip home. (I see what you mean about the Nairobi was an experience! We would never have made a forty minute connection).

We really enjoyed the Whitesands at Mombasa! We had room facing the Indian Ocean with a swell porch, and we were only steps from the "Quiet Zone," a pool and garden with no children or loud music. Just super! And what a grand New Years Eve we celebrated with an outdoor banquet, a band, and spectacular fireworks at midnight!

Our game guide, Shaba, knocked himself out to help us enjoy a fantastic safari. He was both knowledgeable and very personable. We really appreciated him. The warmth of the African people delighted us over and over again especially with the service personnel at both the Sopa and Serena Lodges.

We couldn't give the Manyara Hotel rooms with no fans, even the dining room was so hot we couldn't enjoy dinner. The management was rude to Shaba and refused to give him ice for the cooler. I spoke to him as a guest and told him that we wanted to be able to recommend his hotel, but would find that impossible if he weren't more helpful to his guests and their drivers. We got the ice eventually, but noted that even the wait staff there did not seem to exhibit that characteristic African charm we had experienced everywhere else. In all fairness, though, the Manyara did have many excellent baboons!!!!

Thomas and Dominic helped us confirm the tickets and show us around Nairobi. We enjoyed our day of sightseeing with them; you were so right about attempting to get around the city alone. It's not a very safe place so we were glad for the guide and driver. What a wonderful lunch and afternoon we enjoyed at the Macushla House! Because we had a late lunch (and it was so good), we knew that we could not eat another morsel so we asked Thomas to skip the Carnivore Restaurant. Perhaps the next time!

Our flights home were uneventful (the very best way to fly, don't you agree?) Thomas stayed with us until we completed the slowest check in since aviation began.

Thank you so much for some wonderful days under the African sun. Your arrangements were just what we wanted, and we were grateful for your help with the luggage fiasco. Yes, I have the Precision Air report and the receipt for the $200.00 luggage delivery charge. The trip was put on a MasterCard Elite Level which I checked for lost luggage coverage. Yes, it does include that protection so I'll call Customer Service tomorrow for details hopefully to get a reimbursement. Thanks for that suggestion. If I get a hassle, I may need to draw on your expertise one more time.

I noted that the Nairobi charges were put on my card 1060.00 USD. Which is what we agreed upon; however, I wonder if there might be an adjustment since we did not dine at the Carnivore. Otherwise, everything seems in order. Please advise!

Again, many thanks for your kind attention to our every dilemma. My friends and I are grateful. We are already talking about starting to save for a trip to the Seychelles, Madagascar, and Mauritius in the next two or three years. We hope to be working with you again. Meanwhile, we will endure a bitter winter in the Midwest while our hearts are still in sunny Africa!

All the best,
Sr. CE

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