Saturday, September 12, 2009

During March and April, a Major African Safari Operator Makes Its Single Supplements and Air Add-ons Disappear - Posted by Arthur Frommer 9/9/2009

A company called 2AFRIKA (, run by South African expatriate Kenneth Hieber (who became a naturalized American citizen last month) is one of the most active of safari operators. It is not the cheapest of the safari operators. That accolade belongs to Lion World Tours, which is presently charging from $2,499 to $2,899 for most of its air-included winter and spring safaris (and $2,099 for a handful of March/April departures). 2AFRIKA has announced a basic price of $2,949 per person for most of its weeklong safaris in 2010, including round-trip airfare between New York and Nairobi.

But 2AFRIKA has announced further big news for next year: it is eliminating the single room supplement for all departures in March, April and May, yet supplying such single persons with a room to themselves in the various games park lodges.

Moreover, and perhaps more important, 2AFRIKA is "common-rating" throughout the nation the airfare it provides as part of its safari package. In other words, persons flying to Nairobi from Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Miami will pay the very same total price that is charged to persons flying from New York (air transportation will be on Virgin Atlantic Airways to and from London, connecting there to Kenya Airways to and from Nairobi).

You'll get all the information you need from 2AFRIKA's website or by calling tel. 866/462-2374, and participants will receive all the classic ingredients of a high quality African safari in Kenya, where African wildlife is usually seen in large numbers.

Ken Hieber presented this information when I interviewed him last Sunday on the noontime radio program my daughter and I present. I asked him quite pointedly why the months of March and April are regarded as "low season" in Kenya, thus explaining the single room concession. He explained, as all safari operators do, that in March and April near-daily rainfalls are experienced in the afternoon in countries such as Kenya; that the periods of such rainfall are short and limited; and that they have very little impact on the enjoyment of a safari. I have heard the same explanation on numerous occasions from people, like Ken Hieber, whose trustworthiness I respect.

I'd suggest you carefully compare the dates, duration, features and prices of 2AFRIKA's weeklong safaris to Kenya with the somewhat similar products of Lion World Tours, and then make your decision. Both appear to be fine companies.