Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nobel Peace Laureate, Betty Williams on One Voice From Africa

Today, Wednesday September 21, 2001 is celebrated worldwide as INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY and to honor the celebration, One Voice From Africa will air a 'special episode' at 12:00PM (EST) from New York City.

Joining presenter Kenneth Hieber today is Nobel Peace Laureate, Betty Williams from Ireland. Mrs. Williams is the President and Founder of with World Centers of Compassion for Children International.

“The Nobel Peace Prize is not awarded for what one has done, but hopefully what one will do!” are the words of Betty Williams who in 1976 along with Mairead Maguire was awarded the Prize for her work to bring peace in her native Northern Ireland.

In the thirty-five years since the award, Mrs. Williams has devoted her life to creating a new way forward, a movement to begin a reversal of thinking on how we deal with the injustices, cruelty, and horror perpetrated on the world’s children.

“I had no concept of the depth of the children’s suffering until witnessing their pain. Yet in a world that we know can feed itself, upwards of 40,000 children die every day from conditions of malnutrition. Surely we must question why we are allowing this carnage to continue,” Mrs. Williams says.

Because of many years of work In Italy, World Centers of Compassion for Children International is building the first City of Compassion for children in south Italy in the Region Basilicata.

Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis lends his voice to the episode and performs IMAGINE, a John Lennon composition.