Sunday, September 4, 2011

TripAdvisor under investigation ... they SHOULD be!

Since 2005, I have been haunted by KAREN BLIXEN (excuse my ignorance - but I thought she was dead) who posted this on TripAdvisor....

Tanzania is great. 2Afrika is not. After paying in full for my September safari, the company changed the advertised itinerary at the last minute downgrading hotels, adding travel time, and requiring additional border crossings. Several daily itineraries were not accurate, and hotel descriptions were sometimes completely false. Although all accomodations were advertised as luxury lodges, the company moved us to an economy tented camp for one night and billed it as luxury although it was clearly budget and my Lonely Planet travel guide said it was $30-50/night. Caution when booking with 2Afrika.

And then - everyone chimed in .... and I took the brunt of it! Someone posted this (below) and I was immediately held accountable ....

I’d be interested to know the name and location of the economy tented camp where 2Afrika moved you for one night.
BTW, you husband’s twin’s son’s horse is buried just a few kilometres from where I live.

Then someone else (between the negative posts) posted this and I was immediately help accountable ...

I most of the americans complain all the time, i am French and i went to tanzania with 2afrika, it was a wonderful trip and the president of the company was all the time there with directions. we have to take into account that a safari means a trip to the third world. i am planning this year another safari with 2africa.
Marie Durand
See - you can call yourself GEORGE W. BUSH and post something on TripAdvisor and just 'get away with it' which leaves me with a question and an observation ....
QUESTION - Karen Blixen came to life in October 2005 and posted something derogatory about my company .... now in 2011, it is STILL one of the first listings that you see when you Google 2AFRIKA ...can you imagine the damage that the Baroness has caused over 6-years?
OBSERVATION - people who posted 'other' sarcastic remarks about 2AFRIKA 'appear' to be me ... finally after no activity, for a long time TripAdvisor CLOSED the topic and yet, it still remains at the TOP of the search engines ... why is that? Are we all just obsessed for the want of BAD NEWS or the DESTRUCTION of other people?

I had never intended sharing my voice against TripAdvisor but now, since they are under investigation ... COUNT ON ME TO BE OUTSPOKEN EVERYWHERE I POSSIBLE CAN and Karen ... may your tormented soul rest in peace (you fool)!