Saturday, March 14, 2009

KENYA CLASSIC - IN THEIR OWN WORDS – Just back from Kenya – a report back from a 2AFRIKA valued passenger


Dear Kenneth,

Made it back with just one glitch due to a delayed flight from JFK but it all worked out well as I got a good night's rest before continuing on home.

The arrangements you made for the KENYA CLASSIC SAFARI were terrific. When I arrived at the Nairobi Safari Club, I thought there must have been a mistake. I don't normally stay in such fancy surroundings but it was wonderful and the entire staff was terrific. I felt at home with their many kindnesses to me. They were like mother hen's too.

I already told you how great the flight to Nairobi was and the flight back was okay but had a lot more people on it so I was unable to stretch out anywhere. But the airlines were good and I appreciate your getting me there and back in comfort.

The lodges were amazing and your local guide and driver was truly an encyclopedia on Kenya. There was a couple from Germany on the trip and we became friends quickly. It was a great group to be with.

I felt like I was in the Arabian nights when we came back from our first evening game drive in Maasai Mara and the room had been turned down for the night and the mosquito netting was flowing all around the bed. All the lodges were comfortable and the staff so friendly and helpful. They all made me feel as an honored guest.

We saw the big five during our first two drives!! I think I have probably taken at least 2000 photos. Won't bore you with them as you see the real thing and my photo attempts are truly amateur. It was a trip of a lifetime and I certainly hope that I will be able to make another one in this lifetime of mine.

You made it a wonderful trip and for that I do thank you. I did not want to return from "your" and now "my" Africa. I so enjoyed the pace of life and the natural beauty. The warm weather was good too. They all were concerned that it was too hot for me. I like hot. But alas I had to return to work so I can make more money to return. If you ever see a job opening listed for a postal clerk in Kenya let me know and I will return and apply.

Thank you again. You went above and beyond your duty to a client.

God Bless.


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