Wednesday, November 25, 2009



A while ago, a dear South African friend Wenda announced that she was returning home to Johannesburg. Wenda and I have known one another for as long as 2AFRIKA, INC. has been in business and have remained loyal friends for well over a decade.

She went on to become married and had two lovely sons . . . and now her and the boys and husband Simon are leaving the United States and returning to South Africa where Simon will take up his new position as General Manager – Southern Africa for Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Wenda came into Manhattan to say goodbye over lunch. In tow were Tristan and Liam and the four of us had the most wonderful afternoon at South Street Seaport located just around the corner from our office.

Tristan, Liam and I spend an afternoon playing along the boardwalk, catching balls, ‘washing strangers hands for we all know that we must constantly wash our hands to prevent swine flu’, and just having a fine old time running, flying through the air and giving one another great big bear hugs!

Finally, mom Wenda managed to get the three of us to sit still long enough for a farewell-parting photograph – we obliged! This is a shot of me, Tristan and Liam having one last big bear hug before saying goodbye.

Goodbye to you Simon, Wenda, Tristan, and Liam.

May the wind be at your heals and may your new life in Johannesburg be filled with joy and peace, much love and Simon, continued great success with your inborn talent of management in the Travel Industry – I wish you all well and I will miss you sorely.

This Thanksgiving, I give special thanks to have had the privilege of knowing Wenda and Simon and especially for Tristan and Liam for taking me out of the regular rushed routine of a business day and allowing me to be a ‘kid’ for an afternoon. I shall never forget you and I will never forget the big bear hugs we shared at South Street Seaport!

With deep love and affection to the four of you as you leave – the United States has lost a wonderful family – South Africa is receiving a wonderful family – and Virgin Atlantic Airways gets to keep one of the nicest and smartest people I know! You will always remain as a handprint on my heart for this ‘special moment’.

This Thanksgiving 2009, my first as an American Citizen, I give special thanks for ‘YOU’!