Monday, November 16, 2009


If you are heading toward the ‘Fairest Cape’, we would appreciate your support!

UTHANDO South Africa is frequently asked what one should bring when visiting various community driven projects, and they recommend the following:

Art materials, e.g. paint brushes, paints, pencils
Ballet tights and shoes
Black shoes for boys and girls
Black trousers for boys and girls
Books and comics
Coloring in books
Clothes of all sizes and for all ages
Dance clothes and shoes
Educational toys and games
Board Games (e.g. monopoly, snakes and ladders etc.)
Music books
Musical instruments
Non-perishable foods (preferable to purchase onsite at a local supermarket)
Pens and pencils
General school supplies
Skipping ropes
Soccer balls
Socks and underwear for children and the elderly
Sports Equipment
Strings for string instruments (e.g. violin and cello)
Toiletries (soap, towels, shampoo, toothpaste etc. - preferable to purchase onsite at a local supermarket)
Yarn and knitting materials

2AFRIKA, INC. endorses the honorable efforts of James Fernie and his associates who are making a remarkable difference in the lives of so many and recommends that you communicate with him directly via or

Alternatively, you may click here and use the online forum.

What seems like very little to you and us may make the world of difference to someone you do not know . . . yet!

Anything that you bring will be handed to the director of the particular project being visited and not to the recipients themselves.

Please keep visiting 2AFRIKA, INC. and watch the strengthening alliance between ourselves and Uthando (Love) South Africa!

2AFRIKA, INC. remains committed to 'Keeping Africa Affordable', 'Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism' but most importantly, the comfort, security and safety of its valued passengers!