Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Voice From Africa – Show Notes

Mario Frangoulis

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace

"The Last Lions" - Dereck and Beverly Joubert 

A terrific show again this evening brought to you by Botswana Tourism and National Geographic Entertainment! Thank you for listening.

"Have You Heard" flew in with great specials in Cape Town and the surrounding areas that you simply cannot afford to miss. Prices like this have not been seen in a very long time – so take advantage whilst you can for space is limited.

As promised, Botswana was the topic of conversation again this evening. Botswana is becoming increasingly popular with travelers and with prices being the way they are at the moment, there is no finer time than now to include Cape Town and Botswana in one journey to Africa. Of course, the amazing added exposure with the recently released film "The Last Lions" by Dereck and Beverly Joubert, as told by Jeremy Irons simply validates that Botswana needs to be shifted to the top of every travelers 'must-see' list! "The Last Lions" is in theaters now and is a collaborative work between the Joubert’s and National Geographic Entertainment.

Please join in and help Cause An Uproar by viewing the trailer on You Tube – we have hit the 145 thousand view mark which is incredible . . . but please keep going! We need your help.

This evening the multi-talented South African performer  Laurika Rauchgraced us with 'Hot Gates' one of my all time favorite pieces of music. Visit her online and listen to her incredible range. Baie dankie Laurika – ek waardeer die geleentheid om u musiek te kon gebruik op One Voice From Africa!

We launched a brilliant tour to South Africa for the African Art Museum of Maryland on the air this evening. They’re a group traveling to South Africa in January 2012 – keep in touch with our BLOG spot for more details on their visit to Cape Town and Johannesburg . . .you may want to join. Please remember the 'Claude Ligon 2011 House of Jazz' on Saturday April 09th, 2011 – it’s a great event!

SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN author Michael Gonzalez-Wallace and I talked on 'Fit To Travel' which will soon be a feature on Michaels website. Follow long – get fit – and travel.

Remember the New York Times Travel Show coming up at the Jacob Javits Center this weekend, come along, and visit – it would be great to meet you. The Frommer’s will be there and you really should meet them. Arthur and Pauline are wonderful people and so very knowledgeable that it is worth your time to stop by and listen to them. 2AFRIKA, INC. will be featured on Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine (March issue) and extends its gratitude.

And remember my exclusive upcoming interview with Mario Frangoulis coming up in March. Mario has recently released his 'personal favorites' in an immaculate collection and will performing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra on March 9th – don’t miss the performance! It will be life altering.

You’ll find One Voice From Africa online and in the Apple iTunes store. And whilst you are there, search Mario Frangoulis and buy his music. It may well turn out to  be the very best investment that you make.