Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Voice From Africa – thrilled to welcome Mario Frangoulis to the show

Great show this evening on One Voice From Africa – thank you all for listening in! "Have You Heard" featured new and enticing trips to Cape Town and the Western Cape which you cannot afford to miss.

Botswana was the topic of conversation this evening brought to you by Botswana Tourism and National Geographic Entertainment. Botswana of course the location for the just-released "The Last Lions" by filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert and told by Jeremy IronsCause An Uproarand help prevent these magnificent creatures from extinction.

Ed Ewert popped in for "Behind The Lens" this evening and he shared some really valuable information with our listeners. Great tips, great presenter, great friend, Ed will leave to Zimbabwe in May with a group of photographers and we’ll be bringing you live coverage of his trip.

Zimbabwe of course formerly known as Rhodesia and the birthplace of an 'incredible' voice from Africa, Mario Frangoulis who is set to perform with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in Dallas this March 9th. Mario is going to talk with us on One Voice From Africa in March so be sure to tune in to that episode – and look for his music wherever you are! You can find him in the Apple iTunes store, and many other outlets. Visit Mario’swebsite to learn more.

Ard Matthews and the guys from Just Jinjir performed 'What He Means' and 'Sugarman' and the beautiful and very talented Natalie Gamsu performed 'The Click Song'. Natalie has just released her second album MISFIT – you can order your copy by clicking here.

Michael Gonzalez-Wallace joins us tomorrow with his segment 'Fit To Travel' and invites listeners to call in and ask him questions. He will give his first caller an autographed copy of Super Body Super Brain and 2 DVD’s.

Remember the New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Center this coming weekend. South African Tourism will be there and I will be joining them and delivering a talk on 'food and wine' – whatever you do, do not miss the Frommer’s – Arthur and his daughter Pauline are presenters on Saturday. Talking of the Frommer’s, 2AFRIKA is pleased to be featured in Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine (March issue) out in bookstores and newsstands shortly.

That wraps up this evenings episode of One Voice From Africa – follow along on Twitter and become friends on Face Book of either One Voice From Africa OR 2AFRIKA.