Friday, February 25, 2011

One Voice From Africa - weekly wrap up!

Camp Savuti - Botswana

Camp Savuti - Botswana

Camp Savuti - Botswana

Camp Savuti - Botswana

Camp Savuti - Botswana

ABC's 'The Bachelor' on location in South Africa

National Geographic Entertainment presents "The Last Lions" in theaters NOW

Tonight on ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA, at the top of the hour, "Have You Heard" introduced a soon to be opened Botswana Safari Camp – Camp Savuti – and you can be sure that it will feature prominently on the 2AFRIKA website the moment we have all the details!

Over the years, the Savuti developed a reputation as being a prime place to view predators and in particular, lion and spotted hyena, The Savuti lies within the Chobe National Park and boasts one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. The Savuti Channel was a river, which abruptly stopped flowing in 1982.

In 2010, it started flowing again – nature at ‘it’s best’!

Great specials coming your way on 2AFRIKA as well as the 2AFRIKA BLOG, the ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA BLOG and of course right here on Blogtalkradio.

The New York Times Travel Show opens at the Jacob Javits Convention Center here in New York City tomorrow and the 2AFRIKA team will work alongside South African Tourism at their booth. I will be presenting South African Food & Wine – to say I present is not all together appropriate – I tell 'stories' and I hope that you will pop buy and listen.

The New York Times Travel Show is presented by American Express and I encourage you to visit! The Frommer’s, Arthur and Pauline will be presenting on Saturday and you’ll not want to miss them.

'The Bachelor' – South Africa is hosting 'The Bachelor' on February 28th and the finale on March 14th. Tune in on ABC to get a glimpse of our beautiful country.

Also, I will be on Ed Salvato’s Panel for LGBT Tourism to Africa – do pop by and listen – you’ll be glad you did.

This evenings episode of  ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA was brought to you by Botswana Tourism and National Geographic Entertainment – what could be better? With the launch in theaters of  "The Last Lions" filmed by Dereck and Beverly Joubert and told by Jeremy Irons, my co-presenter Michael Gonzalez-Wallace of SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN acclaim opened last night’s 'Fit To Travel' segment at the top of the second hour . . . he told me that "The Last Lions" made it onto his list of Top 5 films that he has seen.

"Dreams cannot be tamed. Dreamers cannot be ruled, " Paulo Coelho, wrote which lead right into "Follow your heart" by Mario Frangoulis who will soon be my special guest on ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA.

"Daring and inspiring" is how  Billboard Magazine described Mario Frangoulis who performs with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra on March 9. SEE HIM! It will be life altering!

I came across an article on Mario Frangoulis that I would like to share with you.

"Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis paid a lightning visit to South Africa last month, performing at the Sun City Super bowl on Saturday 9 April, 2005. His South African fans were treated to the young tenor’s sensational voice and soulful style.

We caught up with Mario in Johannesburg, and in spite of having stepped off the plane the same morning he was extremely friendly and more than willing to chat. He was born in Rhodesia in 1967, but returned to Greece at the age of four. He still has memories of his African childhood—"I remember big parks, and climbing lots of trees!" He grew up in Athens.

Laurika Rauch
 and Natalie Gamsu performed this evening and Mario Frangoulis will soon be my 'special guest' on ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA. The episode will be announced on our several BLOG spots – so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, visit Mario Frangoulis online and in the Apple iTunes Store as well as Purchase his work – you’ll be glad you did.

That concludes this week’s episodes of ONE VOICE FROM AFRICA . Thank you for listening.

Next week, after the New York Times Travel Show, we’ll be talking 'all things South African' brought to you by South African Tourism and South African Airways.

Great surprises are in store – so stay tuned.