Tuesday, October 13, 2009

IN THEIR OWN WORDS - Back from Botswana



My first trip to the African continent was so primal. Going on safari drives was like being a child in the month of December anticipating my Christmas presents.

Each drive was full of surprises and pure delights. My first safari drive was unbelievable! The first thirty minutes of the drive provided elephants lumbering across the river, sable resting on the savannah, impala’s playing everywhere, a handsome young lion looking full of pride, and then the piece de resistance - a breath taking leopard resting in the notch of a bare tree. It was like she was poising for her spread in Vogue! Not to mention the unexpected safari drive gifts were the range and beauty of the birds one sees.

Each game drive was wonderful – I was just as excited to go on the next game drive as if it were my first. The game drivers finally looked at me and said “You are going again?” My response was “You are training me to be a game driver.”

To be a visitor in the home of these wonderful creatures is so humbling. Living the safari experience is an unimaginably awesome. Seeing African sunsets just lets you know that everyday ends wonderfully.

Africa said goodbye to me with a parade of her finest animals on my last safari. Africa presented me the present of her big five – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino not once but four times in multiples. Africa gave her best that early morning with dew on the ground and the sunrays just starting to show. Africa showed a rhino that was colossal in size. Africa gave me young lions just getting their mane fuzz along with young lionesses, mama and papa lion with baby lion twice over. Then Africa upped the ante by throwing in three beautiful leopards walking on the ground which even was a real “oh my god” treat for our driver – he had never seen three together at the same time.

Africa gave me a wonderful welcome on my first safari drive and made sure she gave me a siren’s call to return with the presents she presented on my last game drive.

Go and see these fabulous creatures and help protect them so others can get goose bumps seeing these creatures.

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