Wednesday, October 21, 2009


ONLY IN AFRICA – my harshest critics would slam me for doing this but in this fast paced world of ours I really do think that we need to make time for a bloody good laugh!

Just recently, a departing passenger called in asking whether I would recommend that they take a spare roll of toilet tissue with them on safari in case of an emergency. I was amused but did see the sense in the question and answered appropriately.

A few days ago, we were doing a scan for a particular photograph that we needed to endorse a safari and we stumbled across this photograph. Need I even begin to explain just how funny we found this? Haven’t stopped laughing since . . . what are SLIGHTLY USED TOILET ROLLS? Who would consider purchasing SLIGHTLY USED TOILET ROLLS? How can one even consider selling SLIGHTLY USED TOILET ROLLS and which ‘quality control inspector’ determines whether the toilet rolls are SLIGHTLY USED or not?

I guess to fully appreciate the humor in this photograph one has to have visited Africa! What an astonishingly magnificent continent – and indeed a place where we do laugh at the sheer stupidity each one of us comes up with more often than not.

In an economic turmoil, I have to admit though that this is indeed great value for money – at the prevailing rate of exchange, you can buy 10 SLIGHTLY USED (I still cannot get over that) toilet rolls in South Africa for $1.22! With the rate of exchange in your favor, isn’t it time that you took a well-deserved safari vacation to Africa?

P.S. Never say that we don't live by our Mission Statement - KEEP AFRICA AFFORDABLE!