Sunday, October 11, 2009

IN THEIR OWN WORDS - Back from Kenya and Tanzania



“My dream was to go to Africa and experience all it had to offer, its people, the animals and the scenery. I spent over a year researching how to travel and who should handle my dream trip.

2AFRIKA came to my rescue. I booked my trip to Kenya and Tanzania. As the departure date arrived, I was the only person who had booked that particular date. As a single lady of years, I was wondered what this solo traveler would find. The night before departure, I received a telephone call from Kenneth saying a fellow traveler would join me for part of my adventure. I arrived in Nairobi shortly after noon. There would be three of us on this adventure -- Charles, the driver, Charles, my fellow traveler and I. We called ourselves The Three Charles.

At Serena Mountain Lodge, I wandered to the viewing deck to check out the animals at the watering hole. A little monkey sat quietly on the deck drinking from a cup left behind. The air smelled sweat and I envisioned my trekking along an old animal trail. As I gazed at the flamingos around Lake Nakuru, I was laying on the ground clicking away with my camera, when Charles the driver asked me to return to the van. Little did I know, but behind me was a male lion strolling along the shore oblivious to my presence. He was magnificent and one of many close and up front animal encounters – mother lioness and cubs, a tree leopard, a howling Hyrax, baboons outside my tented accommodations, cheetah cubs and mom resting in the shade. Oh, I can’t forget the elephants in Amboseli walking past our lodge each night toward their watering hole, giraffes, hippos, zebras and wildebeest and the ugliest stork I have ever seen. Monkeys watching me sort through my digital camera disks – only to lose one disk to a dare devil that that took it to the closest tree top. A highlight was feeding giraffes and petting warthogs at the Giraffe Center in Nairobi .

Visiting a Maasai village and talking with the people and children with their Queen’s English and magnificent vocabularies, simply wonderful. A hot air balloon ride in the early dawn— my flight Above Africa. This trip exceeded my greatest expectations. Thanks to everyone at 2AFRIKA.”

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