Wednesday, October 14, 2009

IN THEIR OWN WORDS - Back from Botswana and the Victoria Falls



Our Journey to South Africa with 2AFRIKA

While looking through Budget Travel, I came across a grand trip for a grand price to Africa. We had always wanted to go, and decided this was the time to make our dreams come true. We booked the trip for late August and immediately began planning!

The day we boarded the plane, I think we were in disbelief. Twenty three hours later we arrived in Zimbabwe, tired but excited, watching the landscape go by, en route to our gorgeous lodge. Our first full day in Zimbabwe was a tour of Victoria Falls. The power of the water, creating its own rainbow, while surrounded by lush foliage was a sight many will never have the chance to experience. Later that day, we took an elephant safari. Cocoa and Stephen made a great team; hostess and guide! The next day we were guided through the 18-hole golf course by one of the helpful staff, and to our amazement walked through herds of Kudu and Water Buck, Warthogs, and Baboons, some of which hung from a volleyball net! It was an incredible sight and a great story for the golf enthusiasts back home!

As our trip progressed to Botswana, our first sighting of Giraffe on the side of the road was worth wide eyed looks, and kept us speechless, except for an occasional “look!” While staying at the magnificent lodge there, one of the most memorable aspects was a boat ride on the Chobe River. As we slid down the river, we passed lounging hippos, and crocodiles, various species of birds, and even monitor lizards. The masses of elephants drinking, crossing, and playing in the water, was more than photographs could capture, and as if to put an exclamation point on the day, the breathtaking sunset settled over the countryside, as we became part of the postcard.

Lastly we visited a Namibian village, learning the culture, and struggles of past and present from someone who lives there. The natives were remarkable, and it was a great way to end our days in Africa.

This life changing first trip to Africa included four countries, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, animals from elephants to spiders, and inhabitants of villages to huge cities, such as Johannesburg. It educated us, and brought awareness of a diverse existence. Thank you for the opportunity!

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