Sunday, October 21, 2007


2AFRIKA, INC. World Headquarters
New York, NY
October 21, 2007


‘Looking back over 30-years of dedicated service in the Travel Industry much has changed’, said 2AFRIKA Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber at a formal dinner setting in New York City last week. Surrounded by the Media, Hieber added ‘I started my travel career at Thomas Cook Travel Ltd. It was an era when passengers and Travel Agents alike had a sense of simple common courtesy, like patience’.

Those days that are long gone, when Travel Agents worked from the World Airways ABC Guide, the Thomas Cook Railway Guide and most importantly, the telephone or face-to-face in the office; but they remain ever fresh in Hieber’s mind.

‘Nowadays, we tend to forget that we are all people simply trying our best in a world that is spinning faster and faster. There’s a faster dial-up, higher-speed ‘what ever’ gadget, an insatiable lust for instant gratification,’ he went on to say, ‘You have no idea how many times an email arrives into my inbox and as I am opening it to review the content, my phone rings and it is the very person who has just sent the email. It astonishes me beyond words.’

And with that said, Hieber formally announced his plans to ‘Fly Backwards into the Future’ by bringing back cost-saving measures which he learned way back. ‘Time and money is not everything,’ said Hieber, ‘courtesy is.’

For 30-Days only, 2AFRIKA, INC. will present a new angle - $AFARI $AVING$; starting on November 01st, 2007 through to and including November 30th, Hieber plans to defy the pricing structures that govern today’s fast paced Travel Industry, create $AFARI $AVING$ for most of the Company’s 2008 East African Collection and reinvent the way we look at Safaris in Africa, price wise!

Known nationally as the man who set a trend dispelling the myth that travel to his native Continent should cost a fortune, Hieber is poised and set to do it again. In his address, Hieber assured members of the Media that in many cases, a couple could save close to $700 on his top brand Safaris but remained tight-lipped on the Company’s module. ‘You’ll just have to wait and see,’ he said. Knowing Hieber as the Media does, he is a man of his word and eagerly we’ll await the next phase of $AFARI $AVING$ which is due to go live in less than 10-days.

You'll bet that we'll break the story the moment we have the eagerly anticipated details from Kenneth Hieber, the man who constantly evolves.

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