Sunday, October 7, 2007


My 17 year old son and I recently returned from the 9 day Beauty & Mystery Safari to Kenya. This was my 5th African trip and his first. The trip was incredibly good for both of us.

First, I don't know how you give so much value for the price.

The food and accommodations was top notch, much better than expected. Our greeter Thomas and our driver/guide Herbert were the best that I have met in Africa. Not only were they incredibly warm and friendly, but their English and the clarity of speaking and their knowledge were the best I had experienced. All of the people that we met, with some exceptions in Nairobi, were very friendly to us and they made every effort to accommodate any wish that anyone had.

The trip was perfectly choreographed- the start at the beautiful Mount Kenya Mountain Lodge and the finish in the incredible Maasai Mara with the lush tented camp. The highlight, of course, was the great wildlife sightings in the Mara.

We also truly enjoyed the trip to the Maasai village. I had spent almost a week in Maasai Land in the back woods of Tanzania, and expected this to be a tourist trap - it wasn't, it was truly interesting with great interactions.

When you can bring this much fascination to a seasoned traveler and a young novice spanning 2 generations, you have truly accomplished something great.

Sid R and Matthew P

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