Sunday, October 7, 2007


2AFRIKA, INC. World Headquarters
October 07, 2007


2AFRIKA, INC’s Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber announced the launch of ‘IN THEIR OWN WORDS’, an online forum of observations and comments from returning passengers from Africa.

‘IN THEIR OWN WORDS’ is intended to act as a virtual on-line guide book assembled from actual experiences’, said Hieber as he posted the first of the many letters received from returning passengers. ‘I have no intention of sugar-coating the correspondence received by 2AFRIKA for it is my belief that each of us does experience a certain number of issues when we travel. I have had my fair share of airline delays, flight re-routings, cancelled hotel accommodation and no pick-up transfers right here on the North American Continent, not to mention my worldwide travels which have spanned 3 decades’ said Hieber at a recent conference regarding the Hospitality and Travel Industry. “Coming from a society where a handshake is a man’s word, I see no point to adjusting any correspondence that we receive from our passengers for ‘IN THEIR OWN WORDS’ is intended to reveal precisely what visitors to my Continent experience. Being as that a Safari is all about the Experience and since each of us are individual, all correspondence which we receive (excluding those which are purely rude, offensive and inappropriate) will be posted onto 2AFRIKA’s Blog Space for others to learn from’.

2AFRIKA welcomes feedback from all of its passengers and encourages its passengers to evaluate their African Experience.

If you would like to comment on this Blog Post, please communicate directly with 2AFRIKA Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber, electronically via