Sunday, October 7, 2007


To the Editor:

I’ve traveled twice to Africa with wonderful 2AFRIKA and can’t sing their praises highly enough. On both trips, I received personal, knowledgeable, and friendly services from owner Kenneth Hieber himself. He takes great pains to assure the vacation adventure is as the traveler wishes it to be, and certainly at a value far exceeding what other companies offer to the same destinations.

Imagine the inner joy one experiences to see fellow travelers from the U.S. paying $1,000 or more for the same airline tickets, hotels, safaris, and day trips. I know, because I met them on both trips!

Today’s Budget Travel advice regarding Cape Town is right on the mark. It and the surrounding areas, especially the wine country, are beautiful. Imagine meals for $7-$10 with an alcoholic beverage, and bottles of world-class wine for $3. You can’t go wrong with travel to Cape Town and South Africa, or traveling anywhere with 2AFRIKA!

Tom J.
McLean, VA

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