Saturday, October 13, 2007


2AFRIKA, INC. World Headquarters
New York, NY
October 13, 2007


Is it possible to ‘upstage’ an already well renowned Safari destination in Africa? Indeed it may well be! Emerging as the latest Trend, Zambia is becoming the sought after destination for travelers-in-the-know as the next best discovery on the Continent! As always, you can rely on 2AFRIKA, ‘Americas-Trendsetting-Destination-Specialist’ to bring you a fresh perspective on Safari!

Vast, traditional and thrilling, the South Luangwa Valley luxuriates in an unspoiled wilderness – awaiting discovery! Unlike any other Safari experience, 2AFRIKA stands poised to launch 4 new incredible journeys which will bring you closer to the Animal Kingdom than you could ever have imagined. You walk!

‘If you’ve got the time – I’ve got the place’, said 2AFRIKA’s Founder & President, Kenneth R. Hieber in his closing remarks of the Company’s latest Podcast recording in which he introduced his Zambian associate, Andy Hogg and the First Secretary of Tourism located at the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia, Margaret M. Makungo.

Both Makungo and Hogg talked with such intense passion about their beloved Country; its peaceful stability where man and beast co-exist as was Centuries ago, and its delicate balance today. So articulate were both of Hieber’s guests that A DELICATE BALANCE instantly became the name of choice for the first product set to go live on Monday, October 22nd, 2007.

‘What inspires me most about this magnificent addition to our Collection’ said Hieber, ‘is that not only do visitors get to experience the real Africa in safety and comfort, but they are offered the opportunity to contribute by way of visiting a local school, plant a tree, visit an anti-poaching project and so much more!’

In today’s modern age Hieber remains unfaltering that his Company will retain its Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism, particularly to his homeland – Africa!

Oftentimes outspoken, Hieber means what he says, and does have the place if you have the time! Each November at Mfuwe Lodge in the South Luangwa Valley, (the bush gossip has it that a mango tree at the lodge is heavily laden with fresh fruit for the picking) and a 10-strong family of African elephants move in and have the time of their lives! Nowhere else on Earth will you get such a close encounter!

If you are scrambling around still looking for the ultimate getaway this November, stop! A DELICATE BALANCE will be ready for viewing on Monday October 22nd and to all accounts, already it is slated to sell out fast. ‘Add the Victoria Falls and I assure you that if A DELICATE BALANCE is your first visit to Africa, you’ll come back year after year’ Hieber concluded. As is Hieber’s ethic 2AFRIKA’s dedicated and loyal following will be the first to receive A DELICATE BALANCE fresh for the picking first before the official launch.

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2AFRIKA, INC. remains committed to Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism.

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