Sunday, October 7, 2007

Someone once said ‘When you go to Africa once you will want to return again and again’!


The AFRICAN DISCOVERY Safari that you put together for me to Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve and the Victoria Falls was absolutely wonderful. The people at Manyatta Rock Camp couldn't have been nicer to my family. It is a very child friendly place and the kids had a great time there. We were able to upgrade the elephant interaction to go for a ride, which the boys loved. My son was the only one to go on the micro-light flight due a change in the wind conditions. The boys could fly with an adult there even though they are only almost 5 years old. The pilot takes his 4 year old flying! Ken, you’re in luck; you don't have to find a white horse and paint black stripes on it. Gavin saw more zebras than he could imagine between the Kruger National Park, Manyatta Rock Camp and the Zambezi Sun. He got up close and personal with the zebras at the Zambezi Sun and Alex got mugged by a Vervet monkey who wanted the cookies he was eating! No injury, however, just an incident to make the trip more memorable. We had a fantastic time and really hated to leave.

The only problem that we encountered was a misspelling of my surname at the Metcourt Laurel at Emperors Palace. They claimed that they had no reservations for us, but the problem was quickly solved by gentleman at the reception desk who found our vouchers. Most of the guests at Manyatta Rock Camp are only there for one or two nights and it was the first time they had to deal with guests that were there longer. We could have stayed there much longer and really enjoyed ourselves. The staff and the food were excellent and catered to boys. They even fixed them a special lunch when we arrived. One felt safe and secure there. It is really a wonderful place to stay! I highly recommend the Manyatta Rock Camp to anyone! I could spend a month there and not get bored. The safaris were unreal – got up close and personal with a pair of very content lions and a pair of white rhinos with a three month old calf. The boys thought it was hysterical that the impala with the "M" on their butts and called them McDonald's – fast food for lions, and the zebras were called bush donkeys.

Many thanks for putting together another wonderful trip for us. My children, grandsons, and I had an experience of a lifetime and are filled with many fantastic memories.

My best to all of you and rest assured I’ll be in touch when I plan my next trip to Africa. Someone once said ‘When you go to Africa once you will want to return again and again’!

With best wishes,

Ethel B & family

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