Thursday, November 8, 2007


I have been meaning to write this note to you since we got back to the United States last Thursday.......but I am finally caught up back at work and now I can direct my attention to you.

To say that this was the most powerful trip of our lives would be an understatement. WOW, what an amazing place. I think the most remarkable impression I have gotten from our trip to Kenya is the very friendly and incredibly upbeat attitude of all the Kenyans we met........oh, and the animals were pretty good too.

Thomas and our guide Dennis were terrific. I can't believe that you have any better guides than Dennis, so we feel very fortunate that he was with us. His knowledge and expertise made for a very interesting and informative experience. It is hard to imagine that Dennis never drove in Manhattan......he would do well there.

We especially thank you for the experience and foresight in arranging our first night at the Sienna Lodge. What a treat to lay on our beds and watch the watering hole, while recouping from 48 hours of travel. The lodges were all fantastic, as was all the food, service, company, etc...I think the rest of the world (and especially the US) could learn a lot from the people of Kenya.

We are very glad to have had the opportunity to experience it and consider ourselves extremely fortunate in having 2AFRIKA handle all of the arrangements.

Thanks for your help, and look forward to going back someday again. In the meantime, we are your biggest ambassadors.


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