Friday, November 30, 2007



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This morning, we have learned that Nationwide Airlines, a South African airline, has been grounded by the South African Civil Aviation Authority until further notice. We will monitor the situation and keep you informed. The following bulletin was issued by the airlines CEO.

Dear Valued Customer:

Early this morning we determined that the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA C.A.A.) has suspended our Aviation Maintenance Organization (AMO) license.

We apologize profusely for any inconvenience or confusion that has been caused.

With immediate effect, all flights have been suspended until further notice. We have approached the C.A.A. for further details and guidance in respect of any actions they would like us to implement that would enable them to reinstate the AMO’s license at which point normal operations will resume.

Safety is our number one priority and we will not compromise the safety of our customers or crew.

We do not anticipate a prolonged disruption of air service due to the close cooperation that exists between the Civil Aviation Authority and Nationwide Airlines.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. We thank you in advance for your cooperation at this difficult time.

Nationwide ticket – holders will be given an opportunity to either re-book or have their tickets refunded. More detailed information will be available from airline customer service personal at airports served by Nationwide Airlines and we will keep you updated on the website.


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